An Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Remarkable Thesis for a Narrative Essay in 6 Steps

14 Mar 2021 5 min read

Students always have plenty of assignments.  Undoubtedly,  it is quite challenging to remember all the types of essays and their main peculiarities. They often search for various recommendations on how to create outstanding papers. 

This article will explain the main features of a narrative essay and describe how a good personal narrative thesis should look. It will provide useful tips that will help write a thesis statement for your personal narrative. 

What Is A Narrative Essay And What Are The Main Peculiarities Of Narrative Essay Thesis?

parts of a narrative essay
parts of a narrative essay 

There are many types of assignments that young people need to create while studying in colleges. A narrative essay is a special kind of paper, the main aim of which is to share your point of view by telling a personal story and providing some facts. 

Basically, writers tell about their experiences. They should persuade readers by offering some personal facts and evidence. Thus, a thesis in a narrative essay plays a huge role and creates the atmosphere of the whole paper. 

The thesis of a personal essay should focus on the author’s experience and contain a clear message that the writer wants to convey to readers. So, a good narrative thesis:

  • focuses on the writer’s experience and lessons that he has learned
  • is clear and persuasive
  • explains why the author wants to share this story

How To Write A Thesis Statement For Your Personal Narrative In 6 Steps

If you wonder how to write a good narrative thesis statement, here are some useful tips:

  1. Read Various Narrative Essays

    The best option is to start with checking various samples of personal essays. It will help you:

     get acquainted with the format 
     find out how other writers share their stories and persuade readers
    come up with some ideas for your future paper

    Luckily, there are lots of such essays available online. As soon as you’ve read several examples, take some time for brainstorming.

  2. Brainstorm

    Some students mistakenly believe that brainstorming is a waste of time. Nevertheless, this great technique has lots of advantages:

    it helps you generate more ideas 
    it encourages critical thinking
    it inspires you and helps gather thoughts
    it leads to unexpected solutions

    Think about the experience and stories that changed your mindset and find which of them you want to share with your readers. Pick several ideas and realize how your story will look if you choose one of them.

  3. Create The List Of Relevant Facts And Events

    It is essential to pay attention to the details if you want your narrative essays to be persuasive. As stated above, a narrative thesis statement should be clear and convincing. Thus, you need to remember all the facts and details of the story you are going to tell. 

    Sometimes it can be quite a challenging task as we rarely remember all the tiniest details of the events that have had an influence on us. Still, it is possible to refresh the memory by using social media pages or asking your friends and relatives for help. 

    Take some time to make your story more vivid and create a list of all the details that are crucial for the creation of a complete picture.

  4. Write A Thorough Plan Of Your Essay

    Have you picked an idea and carefully selected the facts you are going to use to support your thoughts? That’s the right time for creating an outline of your future essay. 

    Ensure that each part of your paper correlates with the thesis of a story. Write down the main points you will describe in the main body and think about how your conclusion should look. Remember that this part should sum up all the ideas and confirm the thesis. 

  5. Create A Draft Version

    When your plan is prepared, create a draft version of your narrative essay. It will let you ensure that it is logical and well-structured. Don’t forget to include a variety of facts and examples to make your paper compelling. 

    Take some time to rest and leave the paper for later. It is essential to clear your mind before writing the final version of the essay. 

  6. Check The Thesis 

    So, it seems that your paper is ready, and you just need to put the finishing touches. It is crucial to proofread and edit the final version before submitting it. But a personal narrative thesis statement definitely requires special attention. 

    Ensure that it looks perfect and:

    doesn’t have any repetitive phrases and words
    covers the main topics of your paper
    is clear, persuasive, and not too formal

    If you follow all the steps mentioned above, you will surely create a remarkable thesis statement for a narrative essay. Still, some students don’t want to spend their precious time preparing tons of assignments on their own. If you also feel that you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Fortunately, there are many writing services that are glad to write diverse essays for comparatively low prices. 


All in all, creating a persuasive and unique thesis statement for a narrative essay is quite a challenging task. It requires lots of time and effort, and students should pay attention to the details. They need to ensure that the narrative thesis will help them defend their point of view. 

Unfortunately, young people always have many assignments, and they can’t spend too much time on the preparation of all the papers. Consequently, they often get bad grades and don’t know how to influence the situation.

But, there is always an option, and lots of students have been using it for quite a long time. They ask for professional writing help and get high-quality papers rapidly. But even though there is a huge amount of such companies on the market, it is difficult to find a trustworthy one. 

Students need to carefully check the service they want to cooperate with and pay attention to:

  • the company’s website that should be modern and contain all relevant data
  • rating on various trusted review sources as it is quite easy to falsify reviews nowadays
  • customer support and FAQ section placed on the website
  • money-back policy and guarantees suggested by a writing service
  • availability of free sample models
  • range of services suggested by a company

Trustworthy services always take care of their customers. They create high-quality essays rapidly and professionally. The good news is that prices for such services are comparatively low due to high competition in this sphere. Moreover, companies always suggest multiple discounts and perks. 

Still, it doesn’t matter if you create a paper on your own or ask for help with your narrative essay. We recommend taking care of your assignment in advance to have enough time for checking. It will also save your money as the majority of services charge extra for urgency.