History Research Paper Topics

22 Jun 2023 6 min read


Although we live in the present, our past entails a lot that we can learn from. History is the analysis and study of the past events that formed our present and will continue to affect our future. Working on historical topics automatically contributes to your political and social awareness.

This study also allows students to find out the reasons for the specific laws to be established. It enables getting acquainted with the traditions and cultures of other nations. Working on this type of academic paper helps discover the roots of social movements. Additionally, you get another chance to develop your critical analysis skills. It is because every historian can interpret the same events differently. It is your opportunity to view one event from various perspectives. That is the reason for so many controversial topics. Your main task is to explore the truth in the informational flow and suggest to the readers your idea supported by compelling arguments.

While working on the paper, you must have access to reliable sources. To compile a list of literature, you can ask your professor’s advice. During the research, be careful as not all data on the Web is trustworthy.

To simplify your choice of interesting historical events to write about, we have compiled several lists. The topics below will surely make your study interesting and relevant to the scientific community.

Exploring historical events
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History Research Topics

What is a History Research Paper?

It is the analysis of the primary and secondary sources relating to the historical events or period you are reviewing. The first task is to create an argumentative thesis statement. The second purpose is to do in-depth research. The following writing styles are advisable: reflective, argumentative, comparative, or analytical.

How to choose the most advantageous topic?

First, you are to decide on a general direction, for example:

  • The relationship between people and the environment: combating diseases, agriculture, climatic or demographic changes.
  • The economics: capitalism, communism, globalization.
  • State-building: rise and fall of empires, wars, armed conflicts.
  • Social structures: hierarchies based on class, gender, or race, labor specialization.
  • The interaction and development of different cultures: spreading social ideas or religions.

However, an exciting thing to research and write about must be focused on a manageable and narrow subject. It should be easily divided into sections.

To develop a proper historical research question, either contact seasoned professionals or follow these steps:

  • Brainstorm for best ideas;
  • Read baseline information;
  • Focus on the themes of your interest;
  • Sketch a keywords list or an outline.

Given that most good research papers usually include from 3 to 5 body paragraphs, check first to find at least 5 key ideas. Afterward, you are to outline the thesis statement and go ahead with arguments or assumptions. 

90 Best History Topics:

Ancient Times

  1. The story of Sphinx creation
  2. The influence of the Quran on ancient Islamic states
  3. How the world of the Ancient Maya worked
  4. The peculiarities of the old Egyptian language
  5. The cooperation of Aristotle and Plato on reinventing philosophy
  6. Contrast and compare Greek and Roman cultures
  7. The Bronze Age in Europe: Myths vs. Reality
  8. The reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire
  9. Hippocrates’ contribution to modern medicine
  10. The birth of democracy in Athens
  11. The story of Acropolis creation
  12. The main principles of the ancient Greek philosophy
  13. Life and achievements of Alexander the Great
  14. Analysis and mystery of Stonehenge
  15. The rise and fall of the Persian empire

World History research paper topics

  1. The story of the invention of printing
  2. Mutual effect of Egyptian, Roman, and Greek cultures
  3. Why and how monarchies still exist
  4. The decline of feudalism
  5. The industrial revolution: influence on different countries and the whole world
  6. On the political marriages in the 14th century
  7. Lessons WWI and WWII taught us
  8. The impact of Gandhi on the world peace
  9. Apartheid of South Africa
  10. The nuclear weapons: development and influence on the world events
  11. Life in England under Stuarts
  12. Use of chemical weapons during WWI
  13. Substantial events of the Cold War
  14. Similarities and differences between the Crusades and Jihad
  15. The life of Hitler and the impact he had on millions of people

The US Historical Events to write about

  1. What religion had to do with the Colonist Wars
  2. Analysis of Alaska purchase
  3. Slavery in the 17th-century America
  4. Causes of the Civil Rights Movement
  5. Prominent leaders and commanders of the Civil War
  6. Issues of the Vietnam War inside the American society
  7. Outcomes of European colonization on Native Americans
  8. Reasons and results of the Mexican War
  9. Murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  10. Mormon communities and their impact on societal development in the US
  11. The Great Chicago Fire in 1871
  12. How the New Deal brought the US out of the Depression
  13. Female writers during the American Revolution
  14. Battle of Fredericksburg 
  15. How the Gold Rush changed life in the USA

European History research paper topics

  1. How the European Union was formed
  2. The Rothschild dynasty and their contributions to historical processes
  3. How the Treaty of Versailles influenced the course of history
  4. Jewish resistance during the Holocaust
  5. World War II letters and diaries
  6. Muslims’ political participation in Europe
  7. With Hunt by Catholic Church
  8. A comparative analysis of military technological innovations in WWI and WWII
  9. The main causes of the German nationalism
  10. The origin, development, and metamorphosis of European liberalism
  11. New perspectives on the history of the French revolution
  12. The position of women in power in ancient Europe compared to nowadays
  13. The causes of the rise of the African resistance to the colonial rule
  14. Strategic advancements during the Napoleonic Wars
  15. The Medicis dynasty and their contributions to historical processes
Exploring historical events
The Monument of a Historical Event

Art History paper topics

  1. Life and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci
  2. The development of Greek theater
  3. How Hinduism affected early Indian art
  4. Contrast and compare: Egyptian and Mesoamerican pyramids
  5. Chinese and traditional Japanese costumes
  6. Botanical imagery in European painting
  7. Flemish and Dutch artists in Rome in 1500-1600
  8. The most prominent Baroque architecture works
  9. On the art of Jackson Pollock 
  10. The most well-known pieces of Mesopotamian art
  11. On the gold adornments of the Scythians
  12. Changes in how the uncovered body was shown in paintings of different times
  13. The differences and similarities between the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles
  14. The works of Kazimir Malevich: The psychology of color
  15. Compare and contrast analysis of Rococo and Baroque

Modern Days Historical Events

  1. The story of the Chernobyl disaster
  2. On industrialists and inventors in the modern world
  3. The main achievements of the Women’s movement in the last century
  4. Immigration policies in the US in the 21st century
  5. The political risks and personal courage of Truman
  6. The influence of social movements on the American society’s everyday life
  7. On the major events and aspects of the Cold War
  8. The relationship between Communist China and western countries
  9. The main causes of the Great Depression in the US
  10. How the most prominent inventions of the 20th century changed the everyday life
  11. The reasons for the Spanish Civil War in 1936
  12. On the greatest presidential speeches of the 20th century
  13. On the damages to the agriculture of Stalin’s collectivization policy
  14. The influence of the anti-communist propaganda on the western society
  15. How the Cuban missile crisis was resolved


Yes, writing academic papers can be daunting. Remember that the success of a historical research paper depends on the quality of the main idea and the reliability of the research.

By far, the above are just a few subjects you can choose from. The world heritage is far too huge to include in one article. However, we hope to have simplified your choice. In case you face any obstacles in writing on historical topics, do not hesitate to contact our experts. They will do all the legwork for you.