Write My Essays Buys Write My Papers: Change With Faith In Greater Success

30 May 2023 4 min read

A week ago, the management of the academic writing company Write My Essays arrived at a decision to buy the Write My Papers college writing service. After lengthy negotiations, the companies agreed to conclude a deal. The reason for the merger is the uncompetitiveness of Write My Papers against the backdrop of more interesting and profitable solutions in the academic writing market. It will not affect the Write My Papers staff, as all writers will join the team of the new owner. Price changes due to new circumstances are not yet discussed. The integration will most likely take two months.

Write My Essays: General Information

Write My Essays is a large and reputable writing company that has been helping students for over 10 years. It has thousands of well-executed student essays, edited papers, and mathematical assignments. Currently, the company operates in the following areas:

  • research paper writing
  • case paper writing
  • lab reports rating
  • speech writing
  • term paper writing
  • dissertation writing
  • thesis writing
  • book report writing, etc.

More than 45 types of papers are available for customers to order. At the same time, the company is ready to write any paper at the request of the customer with the necessary requirements. The company goes beyond the services listed on the order page thanks to an experienced team of writers, proofreaders, editors, and support representatives. 

The company is ready to cover the needs of students of all study levels: High School, Undergraduate, Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. Many of the writers have teaching experience in schools and universities, which makes them very valuable employees due to the strong academic standards required by higher education institutions. Currently, writers are ready to create unique written works in over 80 disciplines, including Military Science, Pharmacology, Statistics, Tourism, and more.

The site offers affordable prices for all services. There is also a system of discounts and incentives available to customers. Below are the minimum prices depending on the type of service:

  • academic writing, rewriting, typing: from $7
  • editing & proofreading: from $.4.20
  • calculations: from $10.50

Thanks to quality service and reasonable prices, Write My Essays has a lot of good reviews from customers and recognition among students from all over the world.

Business Objectives


The Write My Essays and Write My Papers merger was conducted for a number of reasons and has several very important goals that will not only improve the quality of execution but also expand the list of services and speed up the process of creating projects. Thus, the new changes have the following goals:

  • increase in customer audience
  • performance improvement
  • academic services diversity expansion
  • recruiting experienced writers with multiple degrees (predominantly Ph.D.)
  • improving the quality of user support 
  • introducing new communication channels
  • introduction of new working languages (not only English)

Based on the objectives, this merger will not only boost the annual turnover but also allow the company to scale in the international market. Increased staff and a strong loyal customer base will help to gain a foothold in the niche of high-quality writing services. Entering the international market will increase the number of customers by 4-5 times.

Of course, there are aspects that require a lot of attention, especially at first. That goes for expanding the support service. It is this direction that will take a stab when orders begin to arrive after the merger happens. According to the management body of Write My Essays, it is planned to increase the staff of customer employees. Training will also be provided and a new logistics support system will be developed to efficiently process incoming orders.

What’s in Store for Customers?

A man writes an essay

First of all, new changes were made to improve the service in order to meet the growing requirements of the target audience as much as possible. Academic requirements are growing, the workload in educational institutions is increasing, and, by the way, more and more young people are striving to get higher education. 

After analyzing the trends, it becomes clear that quality standards are getting tougher. Moreover, with the development of new technologies, namely Artificial Intelligence (AI), writers compete not with writers, but with AI, which, admittedly, is developing and becoming a serious threat to higher education.

Thus, the company wants to offer its clients customized and unique papers that can compete with generated texts and show better results. For example, now academic writing companies need to not only check for plagiarism, but also for the stature of the generated text. This means the introduction of a new service, training of writers, and control over the outgoing texts. These are aspects that are already discussed by the Write My Essays managing body.

It was mentioned above that the study load is getting higher. Accordingly, it is required to improve the skills of writers and hire authors specializing in newly developing areas, for example, Robotics, Synthetic Biology, Technical Cybernetics, Artificial Intelligence Systems, and others. 

This leads to the introduction of not only maintaining the now basic services such as writing and proofreading but also integrating those practices that are used in training in new areas. The company is already preparing to present new developments in test mode.

In Conclusion

The academic writing niche is in anticipation of the changes that have taken place in the Write My Essays writing service. Most likely we will see something fresh, suitable for new standards, and solving many controversial points of traditional academic writing. We’ll keep an eye on how Write My Essays develops!