The Ultimate Guide On How To Write A Letter Of Intent For Medical School

14 Jan 2022 5 min read

If you’re applying to a medical school, you surely have heard about the letter of intent. This paper helps increase your chances of being admitted to the program you’ve picked. In simple terms, your letter of intent states why you are interested in this particular school and how the program can help you achieve your future career goals.

You might think that it’s quite easy to prepare such papers as there are plenty of medical school letter of interest examples available online. Still, when it’s time to write them, most students feel confused and lost. They don’t know when to send this letter or who to address it to. 

This article will provide you with some tips on how to create an outstanding letter of intent for medical school. It will also answer the most frequently asked questions that you might be wondering. Check it out, and make sure that your letter is flawless. 

What Is A Letter Of Intent For Medical School?

The main idea of this essay is to show the admission committee that the program you apply to is your number one priority. 

Sometimes students mistakenly mix two terms: 

  • medical school letter of interest 
  • medical school letter of intent

Even though these papers have some things in common, they differ in various ways. 

While both letters show your enthusiasm and continued interest in the program you apply to, the main difference is that students may send letters of interest to as many schools as they want. 

On the other hand, you should send a letter of intent to only one school as its main goal is to inform the medical school that it is unequivocally your top choice.

Such papers usually consist of three main parts:

  • a statement of continued interest and clear explanation on why you pick this program;
  • a summary of your academic updates and new achievements since you submitted your application;
  • the description of how this school can help you achieve your future career goals

It is also essential to ensure that your letter is concise, formal, and has no errors. And don’t forget to make it short — usually, such letters do not exceed one page. Sometimes students try to include as much information as possible, but this won’t earn you bonus points. The purpose of a letter of intent is to convince the admission committee that you are a perfect match for the program. Thus, you should mention only relevant information and ensure that your letter of intent is catchy and informative.

How To Create An Outstanding Paper Of Intent For Med School in 4 Steps

If you are trying to prepare a letter of intent for a medical school, follow these four steps:

  1. Research Medical School Letters Of Intent Samples

    If you are writing your first letter of intent, the best idea is to check good samples. This approach will help you get acquainted with the structure and format of the letters. 

    Still, don’t copy any of the ideas, as your paper should be unique. It is important to emphasize your intention and show the committee that you are the perfect fit for the program by:

    describing your achievements;
    explaining why the program is essential for your future career;
    mentioning what contribution you can bring to the school

    As soon as you’ve read several examples, take some time to plan your work. 

  2. Plan Your Writing And Create An Outline Of Your Paper

    As letters of intent are usually sent after interviews, students feel they have plenty of time for preparation. In reality, it’s quite easy to miss deadlines and lose your chance to show the committee your interest in the program. Therefore, it’s better to plan your work and prepare an outline of the paper in advance.

    Divide your writing into several steps:

    make a draft version of your letter of intent and mention all the necessary information there;
    regularly add new achievements and goals;
    reread your paper to ensure it is logical and informative;
    leave it for a while and make changes from time to time;
    carefully read it again, ensure it doesn’t have any mistakes, and send it to the school

  3. Pay Attention To The Structure And Format

    Sometimes students don’t take these papers seriously and don’t care about the structure and format of their letters. This is a mistake. The admissions committee will sort through plenty of applicants, so to help your essay stand out among rivals, it’s crucial to write your paper in accordance with guidelines.
    Letters of intent should include three main parts that will describe your:

    interest in the program;
    future career goals

    Don’t forget to provide an expression of thanks for considering your application and a clear explanation of what you especially appreciate about the school. It helps you get more points and shows the committee why they should pick you. 

  4. Leave Some Time For Proofreading And Editing

    When it’s time to send your paper to the school, don’t skip editing and proofreading. Lots of students mistakenly believe that their papers are perfect as they’ve already read them a million times. Still, those who spend time checking always find grammar and punctuation mistakes. This step doesn’t take too long, but it helps you make sure that your paper is perfect.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are lots of writing companies that will gladly prepare sample papers or provide you with proofreading services. Still, you need to carefully pick an agency you will cooperate with, being careful to avoid scammers. The good news is that there are lots of trustworthy companies on the market.

    So, just make sure that the service has a high rating on trusted sources.


All in all, even though it’s not obligatory to prepare a letter of intent, such papers can increase your chances of being admitted to the program you like. Thus, it’s vitally important to ensure that your letter is flawless. Pay attention to the structure, format, and leave some time for editing. Make sure that you explain why you are the best candidate and how you can contribute to the school. 

When you’re ready to send your letter, you need to address it to the Dean of Admissions or Director of Admissions. It’s best to conduct a small investigation to find the correct information. Don’t hesitate to call the school and ask as many questions as possible. Remember that this letter can help you secure a position at your medical school of choice!

It’s true that creating such papers could be challenging and time-consuming. Luckily, there’s always an option for those who want to get perfect papers. The easiest way is to ask for professional paper help and get recommendations from top experts. However, the best idea is to take care of your assignment in advance. Otherwise, it may be difficult to prepare a remarkable letter even with the help of specialists!