Advice for Overcoming Writing Paper Procrastination

22 Dec 2020 7 min read

It is quite challenging to organize yourself and complete all the tasks on time. Especially during studentship, when young people want to enjoy their spare time. They desire to do fun things instead of preparing tons of assignments. However, when someone prefers to forget about essays until the deadline, they make a mistake. They do not understand how procrastination affects writing a paper. The less time you leave to complete the task, the worse it would be when the deadline comes, and you will have to deal with writing procrastination. 

Suppose you are searching for tips that could be useful in terms of fighting against essay writing procrastination. In this case, the article is your salvation as it gives valuable hints on how to write an essay when you don’t want to. It also answers the most common question: “why is it so hard to write an essay.”

Let’s start with the definition of procrastination and find out what the real reasons for postponing writing are. 

Reasons for Postponing Writing

A man postpones his tasks and wastes his time

There are lots of excuses when it comes to writing academic essays. It is hard to complete them as they require lots of time and preparation.

Students are trying to acquit inactivity. They assure that not writing an essay in advance is not connected with procrastination at all. They state that everything is under control, and the assignment will be finished on time. However, when the time comes, they just feel frustrated and have no clue where to start and how to complete the task promptly.

Procrastination is connected with various spheres of life and can affect multiple fields. It is stated that there are diverse causes of procrastination. However, when procrastination comes to writing an academic paper, the major reasons are:


Undoubtedly, there is one main thing that pushes students to avoid tasks and leads to writing paper procrastination. It is the wish to do anything else except study. The studentship is the right time to party, have fun, travel, explore new things instead of sitting at home and prepare tons of essays. Students promise eventually start preparing for exams or complete writing assignments later. Still, in reality, they keep making promises until they get hurt with hard times. 

Moreover, it is impossible to ignore social media and continue without mentioning that students spend too much time browsing the net. They keep posting photos and videos on such platforms as Instagram or TikTok. They do not track the time and realize that they have spent the whole day doing nothing. Again, promising to prepare their essays tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Nevertheless, they keep postponing this moment. And also continue procrastination instead of writing papers.

Things that cause procrastination

Anxiety and Lack of Confidence

Another reason that makes students choose procrastination is their lack of self-confidence. They feel that the topic is difficult. They don’t have enough knowledge to write a meaningful essay. And that is why they just don’t have the motivation to complete the task. 

It can be caused by various things and sometimes may be connected with some psychological traits. Some people are perfectionists, and they believe that it is impossible to create a unique essay that will impress others. On the other hand, there are some students who feel that they can’t write anything worthyl. That is why they are trying to postpone essay writing and keep procrastinating. They are convincing themselves that they have more important things to do. 

Exhaustion and Lack of Time

Some reasons that lead to writing procrastination are serious, and it is challenging to find a solution in such cases. Students often have a considerable amount of tasks to be completed within a semester. Sometimes they either don’t have any spare time or are so tired that they can’t even start their academic writing preparation. 

They barely sleep and eat, forget about their daily routine, and keep working on all their assignments. And even doing so, they still have no time to finish all of them before the deadlines. 

Lack of Concentration

Lack of concentration is a typical problem for students. They have so many things to do that sometimes they keep switching between the tasks to complete them before the deadline. They can’t understand why it is so hard to write an essay. However, the answer is relatively easy. They can’t concentrate on the topic and think about other issues instead of paying attention to the task they are working on at the moment.

A boy is trying to write an essay and can’t concentrate on the task

As can be seen, there are lots of reasons for procrastination when it comes to essay writing. The questions are: if there are ways to cope with procrastination and what to do if you feel that your assignment won’t be ready on time. 

Steps How to Overcome Paper Writing Procrastination

Procrastination is a broad concept, and it affects diverse spheres of life. However, when it comes to paper writing procrastination, there are some useful tips. They could help you organize the work and complete your assignment on time. 

If you still wonder why it is so difficult to write an essay and what to do if you can’t pull yourself together and just start, try these:

Set Goals and Divide Them

Organize your paper writing process to avoid procrastination.

 As mentioned above, huge assignments may look terrifying. But if you set small goals and divide your writing into small parts, it will be much easier to start and complete an essay.

Start with a detailed plan and describe each step of your work. It will discipline you and help prepare an assignment on time. 

Set Your Deadlines

Another great tip is not to rely on the deadline you have but set your own ones. When you get an assignment, it usually feels like you have a lot of time to complete it. That is why students keep postponing them. That is the ground for paper writing procrastination. 

When you’ve planned your work, set your goals, and subgoals and set deadlines for all of them, you partly completed an assignment. Step by step, you finish the work and realize that an essay is ready in advance.

No Money No Honey

Do not let yourself waste your precious time and keep promising to start writing tomorrow. You will definitely have time for watching series or playing computer games. Remember that it is impossible to complete an assignment overnight. 

Instead of procrastinating, try to prepare a list of the things you want to do and reward yourself as soon as you finish each small goal. For example, watch one tv show as soon as you’ve written a detailed plan of your essay. Or go for a walk when the introduction or body part is ready.

This tactic will bring positive emotions and make you want to finish the tasks. 

Avoid Distractions and Organize Working Space

Undoubtedly, it is impracticable to concentrate on anything when you are distracted. Try to organize your working space and prepare the things you need for writing. 

If you feel that you don’t have any ideas and it is easier to work in a team don’t hesitate to ask your friends to organize a meeting. Sometimes collaboration gives excellent results. 

If you feel that you can’t work at home, find a comfortable place where you can find inspiration. It can be a cozy cafe or a park with a picturesque view.

Should I Get Help with Paper Writing Procrastination

You’ve tried all the tips, read tons of articles on “how to overcome paper writing procrastination,” and still can’t cope with it. You are out of time and feel that it is impossible to meet the deadline. What should you do? Is it acceptable to ask for help with paper writing and find those who can complete your assignment on time? 

Indeed, it is better to write an essay by yourself, but it is better to give this task to an expert writing service if there is no option. However, students should be careful while choosing one as there are lots of scammers. Some of them just take your money and never complete an assignment.


Procrastination is something we are trying to combat during our whole life. People keep choosing things they want and like to do instead of completing the ones that don’t bring joy. The studentship is considered to be the funniest period. Undoubtedly, students desire to enjoy the youth, but tons of homework ruin their plans. They choose procrastination over writing papers in advance. And it makes it difficult to meet deadlines.

When the time comes, they have nothing to share, and students have no idea how to solve the issue. They keep trying to complete substantial academic assignments in a few days but usually fail. Some of them just give up and get bad grades, while others find professionals who help them to overcome these issues. Indeed, the best advice is to prepare your essays on time and avoid procrastination. Plan your work, divide tasks into subtasks, and complete your assignments in advance.