How to Choose the Best Coursework Writing Service

15 Dec 2020 6 min read

You are struggling with writing a proper essay. You do not have enough time – the deadline is tomorrow, or you have many other courseworks to do. You are not interested in the subject or that particular theme – at least not enough to write more than a hundred words. You are stressed, and the thought of this assignment overwhelms you. 

After careful consideration, you decide to delegate the work to the professionals – that is when the most challenging part begins – you have to choose which custom coursework writing service to choose. 

Of course, everybody wants the optimal price and quality balance. Nowadays, the free market offers a wide range of coursework assistance services, from the cheapest ones run by fellow students to the very pricey ones. 

Obviously, every service has its strengths and flaws. The key to choosing the proper one is to follow the simple criteria list. If a service does not match any of these points, you may not want to spend your money there. Be wise – the choice of the service directly influences the outcome.

Cheaper = Better? 

The first thing that you should look into while choosing a service is the price range. Of course, you do not want to pay a fortune for a simple essay. However, if you are struggling with finishing your master’s thesis or need urgent help, prices can spike. That is why jumping in on the cheapest offer is not always the best thing to do. Here’s a brief comparison table.

QualityDepends on a service, the cheapest ones can include plagiarism or re-sellUsually above average, care about losing their long established reputation more
Speed and meeting the deadlinesNot usually a 24/7 service, but respects the deadlines and the requests for an earlier completion of the workIncludes 24/7 support, but not always can take your order immediately due to the high number of requests
Guarantees offeredNot a wide range, sometimes the minimal ones, sometimes just the most important onesAll the possible guarantees included, sometimes even free revisions and/or rewrites.
ReliabilityCarefully read the feedback about the particular service on multiple reviews websitesCan be more reliable because of the longer time operating, but the writing here may be not properly controlled because of the large flow of orders

It is clear from the table that thinking about prices is not always the wise thing to do. But, if you have a limited budget or just do not trust cheap stuff, here are several points to follow that will help you identify genuinely reliable coursework services:

  • Always read the money-back policies. Sometimes, the cheaper website has a better support system and content than the expensive one. Make sure you are not wasting your money – you must have the options of filing a complaint or communicate with an expert writing your paper;
  • Compare at least three services before choosing one. You may be so fed up with your assignment that you will trust the first affordable option. But the crucial thing is to make sure that you are not fooling yourself – the next offer might have a better deal;
  • Find out what you pay for. If you are spending an extra 10$ just for the famous name, it may not be the best financial decision. Be in touch with your desires;
  • Be sure that you received the final price. Some coursework assistance websites fool the customers and reveal the final bill only after the order has already been placed and someone has agreed to do it. The range may be no more than a couple of bucks, but the unpleasant feeling of fraud will haunt you for a long time. That is why you need to compare the prices you get after typing all of your work requirements.

Rely on the Opinions

Perhaps, the best option to filter out the services is by reading the customer reviews. 

Of course, companies publish self-written reviews on their websites, which is obviously not the most accurate representation of the service. You need to dig deeper – nobody wants to lose their money just because they are too easy to convince to pay for god knows what. 

Dedicate at least a couple of minutes to the quick and simple research. Just type the name of the service into any search engine and look for the overall rating. To speed up the process, sort the reviews from the worst to best: this way, you will instantly get the idea of the reasons behind most complaints. One or two unsatisfied customers are not a big problem if an overall rating is high – bad reviews happen even to the best of the best, and you cannot always trust everything written anonymously on the Internet.

However, another thing is if negative feedback is repetitive and raises the same issue over and over again. This usually means that the service has flaws, and you have to search elsewhere.

Also, even if good feedback prevails, read at least a couple of 5-star reviews. Sometimes, they might sound as if one person wrote them all. That is also a bad sign: some coursework writing services can simply buy good reviews to improve sales. 

The plagiarism and originality criteria are the ones to keep in mind, as well. If someone had ever gotten a bad grade or had their coursework returned, they will undoubtedly share this in every place possible and maybe even include the screenshots. When you find the plagiarism complaint, please do not risk it and try to find another option. Your professor will remember the plagiarised coursework forever! And you will be really disappointed spending your money on a poor service.

Another reliable thing is to ask someone in the student groups or chats – maybe somebody has already discussed the past paid writing experience. Do not be afraid to ask, especially if this is a really important paper you have to turn in.

Reputation Matters

Why are the most expensive writing services operate longer than cheap alternatives? Because they will ruin their whole reputation by providing poor quality coursework. That is why they invest enough resources in hiring the best authors available on the market and pay them more than the usual cheap essay help website. 

But the thing is – the reputation sometimes plays a negative role. The most prominent services are usually overloaded with orders. Even if they provide 24/7 support, you would not be pleased to find out that they do not have a place for you. And that can be dangerous for your coursework, especially when the deadline is pretty close. 

The newly established writing services are also eager to gain a good reputation. Even if they do not have a long track record, they would be careful with your paper and provide a service not worse than the oldest and most famous ones.

Also, years of experience do not always equal good quality. Sometimes, the reviewers and the authors are already doing their job on autopilot, especially when they have many requests. They will not double-check your work, for example, because they have the next order already coming.

In choosing between the coursework service that operates for a long time and the just-created one, you will need to look at how the order manager talks to you, to the prices offered, and to the website in general. If you do not like any part of it, you should leave even the most famous and reliable writing service and find yourself something more fitting for your paper. 

How to Be Sure in the Choice? 

After reading everything and comparing the coursework writing services, you probably already have an option to choose from. But you may still be afraid that you have made a mistake and that your paper will not turn out as you expect. Double-check the service then! Ensure that it has: 

  • proper and working website;
  • reliable support offered and a specific list of warranties;
  • good customer reviews;
  • adequate prices that are adequately demonstrated;
  • the ability to perform your order.

If the service has everything, you are good to go – open for yourself the world of delegating your coursework!