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31 Mar 2021 3 min read

In 2020, we witnessed the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. People around the world have faced devastating consequences, both socially and economically. For many, the pandemic seems like an uncontrollable force. However, this phenomenon has forced many to rethink the issues of existence. A close look can show us that our actions as a society have a direct impact on the course of the global pandemic.

Our service invites you to participate in an essay contest on current issues of 2020-2021. Participation is open to everyone and FREE of CHARGE! To take part, mail us to the [email protected] address by April 30, 2021. The subject of the letter is “WriteMyPapers Writing Contest”. Enter the author’s contact information (full name, age, phone number, and country) in the email.

Contest Goals

The aim of this competition is to explore Covid-19, a topic of current and global significance. How can our actions on the planet’s land resources play a role in combating such pandemics and help prevent their occurrence in the future? How has our life changed with the arrival of an unknown danger? What digital changes should we expect in the future? 

The objectives of the essay contest also include:

  • revealing and developing of creative abilities of the contestants;
  • developing an interest in the essay genre;
  • support of talents.

Essay Topics

  1. Covid-19: Will our day-to-day ever be the same?
  2. Coronavirus lockdown helped the environment to bounce back.
  3. Digital transformation: how the pandemic forced change.

The essays submitted should explore:

  1. Analysis (objective reality): the nature and relationship of Covid-19 to our relationship to the land.
  2. Recommendation and solution: what problems need to be addressed to improve our relationship with the land. What specific actions can we take in this regard to prevent or minimize the occurrence of these pandemics in the future? How has the pandemic affected the existence of humanity? What global changes are waiting for us with the departure of the virus?

Submissions should not contain promotional products or services, or any obscene, violent, racist, religiously intolerant, or defamatory content. Incomplete submissions or submissions that do not meet the formal requirements will be automatically disqualified.

Rules and Instructions

You are invited to write an essay – a free reflection on the proposed topic. The essay should contain a brief but informative summary of the conclusions about the topic presented.

In the essay, you must state your own point of view. There are no right or wrong answers. You have your opinion about the current situation. Arrange the logic of the essay in a convenient order.


  1. The work must conform to the essay genre. The essay is a creative reflection in which the participant sets out their vision of the proposed topic. The author tries to justify it by relying on existing trends in social development, as well as by referring to facts drawn from social or personal experience.
  2. The essay is presented as the author’s product and does not contain any plagiarized elements either in whole or in part.
  3. Citation of the used literature is made in the form of footnotes with all the output data of the sources. The data includes author, the title of the work, city of publication, publisher (periodical), year of publication( issue number), pages.
  4. All essays should be in docs, .odt, .pdf, google docs or .rtf format.
  5. Only individual papers are accepted for the competition. Works made by a team of authors are not allowed to participate in the contest.
  6. Each essay should contain a minimum of 1,000 words and a maximum of 1,700 words.
  7. Essays may be submitted in English.
  8. All papers must be original works by the participant, not published anywhere else.
  9. Works received after the specified deadline (until April 30, 2021) are not considered by the competition committee. The number of works from one participant – not more than 1.

Judging Criteria 

During the competition, we will identify talented, creative participants who are able to express their impressions of the declared topic, which has influenced the formation of the life position of the individual (in a free creative form).

The main substantive evaluation criteria are:

  • relevance to the stated theme;
  • the originality of the author’s thinking;
  • a clearly expressed author’s position;
  • relevance (adequacy to the requirements of the time);
  • coherence, logicality;
  • literacy of the essay;
  • general erudition and literacy.

What will you get as a result of the Contest?

The winner of the contest receives a cash reward of $500. The winning article will be published on all our blogs and social networks. This means that thousands of people will be able to get acquainted with and be inspired by your work.