Top 7 Tips to Write “Why I Want to Study” Business Essay

26 Jul 2021 7 min read

Applying for the Business program, you need to think about what you want to become and how the degree will help you achieve your goals. A great many business students aspire to be entrepreneurs or occupy senior positions in marketing, banking, or corporate finance. The value of an MBA degree is higher than ever now. In certain areas, it is actually the only way to get a promotion and soar to new career heights. That is why about 14% of applicants had professional experience in the financial sector. And even a bigger number of students had an employment history related to other industries. For the same reason, MBA programs attract a bigger number of those who opt for part-time education (during weekends and evenings). 

On the other hand, enthusiastic young people who have a dream to start their own business are also passionate about obtaining a degree in Business Administration. No matter what career path you are willing to follow, the MBA is leverage to improve your career prospects. According to a Bloomberg survey, MBA graduates saw an 80% increase in their income. 

However, when it comes to writing a business ethics essay or other kinds of business school application essay, financial incentives alone can hardly impress the admissions committee. There should always be something behind it to make your essay sound persuasive and stand out among hundreds of lookalike papers. So, how to write a business essay that will win the audience? Let’s break down the nuances!

Essential Tips to Write a Why I Want to Study Business Essay

Your business essay should tell the story to make your readers believe you can make a contribution to the sphere that matters. It means you need to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you are a grounded and ambitious future professional. Thus, do not hesitate to spill your guts as it is a great strategy to impress the audience. There are some guidelines that can improve your chance of success.

  1. Provide a consistent rational

    A brilliant business essay cannot exist without the logical and consistent reasoning behind your intention to obtain a degree. Write a few words about the business processes to show your readers that you know the basics and see the core. Discuss in 2-3 sentences about what positive change you can bring thanks to the degree in Business Administration. Touch upon the practical applicability of the experience you aspire to gain in college. 

    Questions to be addressed:

    How will the degree help me to improve my expertise and become a better professional? 
    How is the degree aligned with what I do (or going to do)? 
    Can I affect the positive changes through Business?

  2. Talk about your background

    Are you a working mother? Have you ever suffered challenges during your career? Do you know how to address a particular issue thanks to your specific experience? Do not hesitate to discuss why I want to study business essay. Tell about how it has occurred to you that you actually need a degree in Business Administration. Mention any specific career achievements that will make you stand out. By sharing some facts about your life, you personalize your essay, helping your audience take a liking to your personality. 

    Questions to be addressed:

    What experience pushed you to pursue the MBA? 
    What information about your background demonstrates your enthusiasm? 
    What would you like to change in your country, profession, company with the degree?

  3. Reveal your motivation

    We all want to achieve something in life. And there is no doubt that you are applying for MBA not without a reason. Maybe, you are looking for new opportunities and ways to unlock your potential. Or you are going to start your own business. Your motivation may lie in your career objectives or have a more sophisticated and personal nature. For example, you want to be a role model for your children and younger relatives or your family has inspired you to pursue a degree. Maybe, you have a great dream to realize or want to make a difference. There are hundreds of things that can motivate you – so, put them in writing. 

    Questions to be addressed:

    What is your strongest incentive to study Business? 
    What difference can you make with this degree? 
    What/Who inspires you to pursue the MBA?

  4. Touch upon the importance of education

    Most people who apply for the MBA programs clearly understand that the degree should result in greater career prospects. Moreover, there are a lot of mature students who already have solid working experience. Why do they enter the University? At this stage, you should reflect on what you can do with the degree and cannot do without. The admissions committee needs to see that you will take the study seriously, doing your best to succeed. Talk about why education is important for you. Here you can also provide some examples of your family members or people you know.

    Questions to be addressed:

    Why do you apply for the program?
    Why does education matter?
    How will it help you to succeed?

  5. Tell about your long-term goals and career objectives

    Well, you have a dream, for example, to start a business. But how can you contribute to the current economics and the well-being of people around you? Today, business programs are very selective. The admissions committee can choose who to accept, who deserves the chance to study in their college, and who does not. That is why you need to be as persuasive as possible to win their hearts. Are you willing to improve business ties between two regions, contribute to the prosperity of your home country, or create new business opportunities for smaller businesses? Talk about it, giving your readers a wider perspective.

    Questions to be addressed:

    What are your long-term goals?
    What contribution do you plan to make from a global perspective?

  6. Bring your challenges to light

    Did you try to start your own business and fail? Did you have problems with getting a promotion? Did you face professional challenges when you felt a need to enhance your expertise by pursuing a degree? Do not keep it a secret. Challenges temper the character. Richard Branson once said, – “Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” The MBA program can be the very new “bus” coming to help you realize your dreams and business goals. By telling about your challenges, you will demonstrate that you are a grounded person who knows what they need on the way towards success.

    Questions to be addressed:

    What challenges related to your professional growth did you face?
    How did they help you to realize the importance of business education?

  7.  Integrate storytelling elements

    Sincere and moving stories can break the ice and make your audience believe you and your intentions. The business essay format is brief, but it does not mean you cannot power it up with storytelling elements. As already mentioned, you can write about your dream and things that inspire you. Why not add up some storytelling? The too reserved style will make you sound confident, but a good story sticks right in the memory. So, do not be afraid to be creative!

    Questions to be addressed:

    What story can you tell to win your audience?
    How can you make your essay more inspiring?

Final Words

On a final note, I would like to finish the article with a quote from Seth Godin, the writer, and businessman, – “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” In other words, one idea is not enough to succeed. But if you apply for MBA, you are on the way towards making your dreams come true. Returning to your business school application essay, it should contain strong arguments to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you are the right candidate for the program. So, some extra guidelines will not hurt.

The degree in Business Administration is practically applicable in almost every professional field – Management, Marketing, Nursing, Finance, HR, etc. So, some students do not push forward with one idea in mind. However, in the why I want to study business essay, you need to persuade the reader that you have this potential, essential to make a difference. A good business essay will significantly improve your chance of being accepted. Thus, you can also find some additional tips on the MBA Admission essay here.